Irv's Burgers

It's easy to feel a degree of trepidation about stepping into an independent burger shack. You never know what kind of slop they're going to stuff into your fist once you've handed over your bills. You never know what kind of service you're going to get. We're so numbed by the standard, stock Starbucks customer treatment, that we fear the old fashioned gamble of entering a random dive.

Or at least I do.
However, Irv's Burgers is not only a great little burger shack, but it's one of the best customer service experiences I have ever customer experienced. I walked away from the joint smiling broadly, not remotely caring about how the burger I had in the little paper bag in my hand was going to taste.
Here's the deal: you walk up to shack on the corner of Santa Monica and Sweetzer and Sue pokes her head out from under the little order window and acts like you're Jesus come to pick up your burger on which you'll judge the living and the dead and your kingdom will have no end. She takes your order nicely and you sit waiting for the thing in a little courtyard - the joint has no roof - and instead of writing your name on the cup like at Starbucks, Sue draws a picture of either you or the clothes you're wearing.

The burger itself happens to be awesome - a nice but not overbearing slab of meat, decent bun, stayed together nicely, ketchup, mustard and a little mayo, all nicely balanced with the salad.

The Score:

meatiness: 3
succulentiousness: 4
bun: 3
flavor: 4
stay-togetherness: 4
joint: 5

*A Note from Heather:  I am so jealous that I missed this burger exploit with the boy, but we will definitely go back.  Also, the boy didn't take pictures so all above were found online.  Click the links to view the sources. 

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