The Apple Pan

For our first trial we went to the famous Apple Pan on Pico Boulevard. This diner is counter only and has been there since 1947 (ancient in LA.)  They're known for their burgers and their pie, as well as for their brisk service and long waiting time.

Amazingly, the boy and I were able to stroll in and sit right down.  We both got the Steakburger.  It came with a sweet relish, tomato, onion some kind of sauce and a giant wedge of lettuce.  Overall, I think the burger is over rated...It was alright, but certainly not life changing.   It did not stay together well at all (one of our stipulations) and it was pretty messy.

We finished our meal quickly, as it's just not the kind of place where you sit and contemplate your meal.  You eat and you clear another space at the counter! There are some charming aspects of the tiny, one-room restaurant I feel compelled to share.  The wall paper is awesome red and green plaid and the cash registers are antiques from the 1950's.  But because of that, this old school diner only takes cash.  So bring your benjamin's and try some pie...I have a feeling it may be better than the burgers.

Here's the basic score for The Apple Pan (On a scale of 1-5):

Meatiness: 3 
Succulentiousness: 2 
Bun:  2 
Flavor:  2 
Stay Together-ness: 1 
Joint : 4

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