The Great LA Burger Quest Begins

Going on a burger hunt!  Gonna get a good one!

The boy and I have a plan and a system.  We are going on a tasting quest of the "best burgers in Los Angeles."  But this isn't just a whim of a burger-eating binge.  This is a serious quest to find the perfect burger in the City of Angels.  So of course there are certain rules that we have to follow, one of them being that we have to order the signature burger of the establishment just as they print it on the menu.  This is somewhat of a challenge for me because I tend to like things served on the plain side and I HATE cheese.  I am using the word HATE here people!  So it is exactly as it is printed on the menu minus the cheese. (The Boy says cheese is cheating anyway!  It masks the true flavor.)

Then we have a sophistacted rating system to which we hold each burger accountable.  We have a lot of places on our list that we're set on visiting... This is just a quick look: 

Umami, In n' Out, Fatburger, Astro Burger, Fathers Office, Carls Jr, Wendys, Jack in the Box, Hamburger Habit, Hamburger Haven, The Apple Pan, Ercoles, Oinksters, Capitol Burger, Hawkins, Comme Ca, Rustic Canyon, Street, McDonalds, Five Guys, Tatste , Go! Burger, Bowery, 25 Degrees, Olympic Burger, Tommy's, The Counter, Hole in the Wall Burger Joint, Lucky Devils, Pie n Burger, Stout, Upper West, Cassell's, Steingarten, Bob's Big Boy.

By the end of this experiment we will hopefully have a definitive list of all the best burger joints in LA and how they rank in our system.  If you know of any must eat burger places in the Los Angeles area, let me know!

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