Umami Burger

This was a damn good burger.  I think we set the bar really really high by making Umami Burger our second stop on the Burger Quest 2011.  The joint, of which there are several in LA,  is nice, though not that special in any way.  We went to the location at Space 15 Twenty  on Cahuenga Blvd.  But what the joint lacks in personality the menu makes up for in originality and overall deliciousness.  If ever there was a distinct burger joint, this is it!

The burgers are indeed gourmet, but I don't think that makes them pretentiousness at all.  In fact, the Umami Burger was perfect with a cold glass of Corona and despite the shitake mushrooms, it was one of the most scrumptious blends of meat, sauce and garnishes I've ever experienced.  It was definitely a fancier burger than I'm used to, but it was simultaneously classically simple.  If you can get yourself to an Umami Burger I highly recommend you do so, quick snap!  This is the burger for the ages! 

The Score:

Meatiness:   5
Succulentiousness:   4
Bun:   4
Flavor:    4
Stay Together-ness:   3
Joint :   3

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