My parents are big Fuddruckers fans.  There is one in Burbank and I think my mom frequented it quite a bit when she was a young adult.  See, maybe this longing for burgers is a genetic thing?  Anyway, the boy and I went to a Fuddruckers burger stand in the Century City mall, so I don't really think it should count as a proper representation of the Fuddruckers joint.  Also it was slightly tricky burger to judge because it's set up like a burger bar, so the consumer gets to top the burger with whatever they want and with as much as they want.  In that regard, it's hard to determine what the Fuddruckers signature burger would actually include.

But we ordered a regular burger and fries (the fries were pretty damn awesome too) and we topped that sucker off with lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup.  The boy was less than impressed with the Fuddruckers taste, but I found it to be delicious.  The meat was so fresh and juicy and the bun was light and sweet.  MMM, just the memory of it makes my mouth water.  I really liked this burger!

Fuddruckers is a chain and the actual restaurants are pretty fun.  They are crazy with a whole bunch of random crap on the walls, kind of like TGI Fridays but better.  I would definitely recommend y'all sampling a taste if you have the means.

And of course, the score:

Meatiness: 4
Succulentiousness: 4
Bun: 4
Flavor: 5
Stay-together-ness: 3
Joint: 1

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