In n Out

This one is close to my heart.
In and Out Burger is an important institution in Los Angeles, and the entire West Coast.  The favorite of many, and the site of so many happy burger dates over the course of my life time, In and Out Burger has been my favorite burger joint for a very long time.  But I am trying not to allow that to color my judgement.   I am including this video from Best Coast as the infamous burger chain makes a featured appearance:

With their simple menu, fresh ingredients and tasty burgers and fries, In and Out seems to get the whole concept of a fast-food burger joint just right.  But they have a mysterious side as well...For instance, did you know they have a secret menu that includes grilled cheeses and different ways of preparing the fries?  Next time you're there ask for your fries "well done" or "animal style," you won't be disappointed!  Did you also know they have little bible verses hidden on the bottom of all the cups and fry baskets?  It's fun, like a Christian burger scavenger hunt!

But the burger itself is something close to perfection.  Delicious bun, savory meat flavor and all the classic trimmings.  However it's not fancy by any means, and that's part of it's charm.  But then again at under $2 it's well worth the cost!  There's not much meat and it's not particularly unique, but it remains consistently mouth-watering and marvelous!  Here's the Score:

Meatiness: 3
Succulentiousness: 3
Bun: 4
Flavor: 4
Stay-together-ness: 3
Joint: 4

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