Carls Jr. (or Hardy's for some of you)

In my mind I've always gone back and forth with which burger I like best, In & Out or Carl's Jr.  But prior to this burger quest venture I would order my burgers completely plain, just ketchup, some lettuce and maybe some onions.  And I have been told, quite explicitly that is no way to enjoy a burger.

With the rules of the Burger Quest 2011 firmly stating that the burgers tasted must be the "signature burger" from the establishments' menu, I have been forced to enjoy the burgers of all my favorite fast-food restaurants in their preordained state and thus appreciate them in a whole new light.  For most, this has proved to be a positive change, however I cannot say the same for Carl's Jr.

I think it was just too much mayo.  I've always adored the taste of a Carl's Jr patty, but the Famous Star with all the fixins' seemed to drown out the delicious charcoal flavor of the meat and left me decidedly unimpressed.  That's not to say it was bad.  It was good in fact, but not as good as I expected and certainly not anywhere near as delicious as In & Out.
Once again I was overcome with hunger and didn't take a pic of the burger...ergo stock image, sorry!

So that clinches it.  Carl's Jr will never be the same for me again.  You know it's like I said in an earlier post this month, sometimes more experience isn't always more enjoyable.  And of course, the scores....

Meatiness: 4
Succulentiousness: 2
Bun: 2
Flavor: 3
Stay-together-ness: 3
Joint: 1

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