The Misfit

Over the weekend, the boy and I visited The Misfit in Santa Monica.  We had actually sampled mini versions of their burgers at a Taste event this past summer, so we had some idea of what they would be like, however actually ordering them at their location proved to be a very different experience. 

Firstly, this trendy spot just west of the 3rd Street Promenade is way over staffed.  There were about 4 hostesses that greeted us and 3 waitresses that actually waited on us.  It was confusing.  I did like the decor however, filled with dark colors, worn spotted mirrors and striped accents.  It was very unusual and provided a total hispster vibe. 

The burger itself was very meaty and extremely succulent.  I was a bit miffed that mine was pretty rare when I asked for it to be cooked medium well.  It was too juicy for my liking and totally did not stay together at all.  I think part of the problem was the fact that they used buttered rye toast rather than a bun and that just doesn't work well for keeping a burger together.  It also made the burger taste pretty buttery, which I kinda liked, but the boy did not. 

The flavor was pretty good overall.  They used vinegar which made for a nice change.  But in general this burger wasn't all that impressive and for $13 I think it should have had a bit more pizazz.   It was nice, but not as satisfying as some of the cheaper burgers we've tasted.  In fact the best part of the meal was the free Sea-salted Chocolate Chip cookies they brought around at the end...That would be my main reason to go back!

But enough waffling on about taste and hipsters, here are the scores:

Meatiness: 4
Succulentiousness: 3
Bun: 2
Flavor: 3
Stay-together-ness: 1
Joint: 4

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