25 Degrees

Kicking off the new year right, the boy and I went to 25 Degrees - a burger and wine bar within the famous Roosevelt Hotel in the heart of Hollywood.

The atmosphere was really cool in this tiny restaurant.  Everything red and black, dark and retro - like an old noir film.  On one tv screen they were playing an old Busby Berkeley musical and they have black chandeliers hanging over blood red leather booths.  Really stunning. 

The boy and I sat at the counter, which was fun despite the fact that I thought the stools were kinda uncomfortable (they were too high and I kept sliding off!)   We got 2 of their burgers and shared them both, the #1 and the #2, plus sweet potato fries and onion rings.  It was a real feast to say the least.  I would go back just for the onion rings honestly, they were damn good!

The burgers themselves were also very good.  Interesting and unusual for sure.  They definitely fall under the more Gourmet Burger category and with ingredients like caramelized onions, relibato Gorgonzola, bacon, burrata and pesto I think its safe to classify them that way.  But despite their fancy flavors, the integrity of the large meat patty and general burger essence wasn't overpowered and I think that's really amazing.  They were a bit messy, but overall I thought both burgers were really delicious.  If you ever find yourself caught in the tourism trap of Hollywood and Highland, take solace in a burger and a beer from 25 Degrees.  I'd say it's up there with the LA burger bests.  

Meatiness:  4
Succulentiousness: 3
Bun:  2
Flavor:   4
Stay Together-ness:  4
Joint :  4

* Sorry for the grainy pics, but it was seriously so dark in there, this was the best I could do!

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