Comme Ca

Search for top LA burger lists on the web and pretty much everyone mentions Comme Ca, the flashy but surprisingly bland brasserie on Melrose on the edge of West Hollywood.  Lots of celebs go there and you tend to read about it the next week in Hollywood Reporter.  At some point, the New York Times referred to Comme Ca's signature burger as 'perfection' and lots of people have quoted that article since. I'm here today to tell you that it's burger nonsense.
I work within a stone's throw of Comme Ca, so I decided to get the burger for takeout. Make no mistake about the takeout issue: I popped down, collected the burger when it came out the kitchen, walked to my office, which took one minute, and ate it immediately. I practically ate in, so no fancy french chef can tell me that the burger was spoiled by being taken out and that I need to try it in-house.
It's a sloppy mess of a burger - drowned in mayonnaise and coleslaw, the medium-rare colossal patty dripping with juices, the brioche bun struggling to hold it all together. I don't mind a sloppy good burger, but this was just all the wrong flavors. It left a meaty boulder in my stomach that didn't sit well the rest of the day. Burgers like these are fine for hangovers, but not for a pleasant, sober burger experience. The meat, supposedly the choicest beef in the land, is salty and dour.
Like everything else at Comme Ca, this burger is fantastically overrated, drab and another poor representation of frenchy-american food in Los Angeles. Don't bother with the restaurant or the burger, which costs a whopping $18. It would be fine for $5.

Meatiness 5
Succulentiousness 5
Bun 3
Flavor 2
Stay Togetherness 2
Joint 3

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