Juicy Burger

We ht up  Juicy Burger right after Lucky Devils and perhaps that was a mistake, because Juicy Burger tasted awful in comparison!  The Juicy burger had no personaility and was far too drippy.  It consisted of iceberg lettuce, lots of Thousand Island dressing, concealing a bit of meat that was fine, but didn't add much to the flavor.   The bread-y bun looked better than it actually tasted and while it was a satisfying meal, we deemed this as a Hangover burger at best.  It's decent for the price, but not the best burger by miles.  I also hated the joint - it's a tiny place playing crappy dance house music that made me desperately want to leave, I was so uncomfortable.  Not recommended. 


Meatiness -3
Succulentiousness - 2
Bun -2
Flavor - 2
Stay Togetherness - 2
Joint - 1

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