I love the chicken nuggets (bites, fingers, not sure what they call them) at Wendy's.  And I love the sauces they offer.  Anytime I go to Wendy's all I want is the chicken.  I love the chicken so much that  I have never tasted a burger from this international burger chain...That is, until recently.
Wendy's burgers have a special distinction in that they are square shaped.  Does anyone know why?  I like to think that it's mainly because Dave is such a maverick!  Do you remember the Wendy's commercials with Dave?  Oh Dave!
Anyyyway...I wasn't expecting much from the Wendy's burger and I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a decent slab of square shaped meat, all the classic fixings, not too dry, not too saucy - just an all around good burger, who knew? 
And for extra points, the fries were delicious too.  They make them with sea salt so they are actually not as bad for you as most fast food joints' fries.  And I've always liked the Wendy girl's style - Red hair and pigtails, totally cute!  All in all, Wendy's was one of the best unexpected burger excursions we've had so far.  Nothing s ground breaking , but not bad either. 

The Score:

Meatiness: 3
Succulentiousness: 3
Bun:  2
Flavor:  3
Stay Together-ness:  4
Joint : 1

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