Burger King

The boy and I were putting off going to Burger King partly because there isn't really one near us, but mostly because we were kind of dreading it. 
Neither of us have any fond memories of eating a good burger (or a good anything) at the fast food joint, and after our recent burger quest tasting that hasn't changed.  I can say with certainty that this was by far the worst burger I have ever tasted.  It was disgusting. 
Sharing just one Whopper between us, the boy and I could barely choke it down.  The meat was dry and practically non-existent.  It was so sloppy, so covered in juicy mayonnaise, that the flavor was pretty much just that.  While it stayed together alright, the bun may have been made from Styrofoam and while I'm knocking it, I may as well point out that it should be renamed -- "Whopper" is misleading for such a measly little burger. 
So in case there is any confusion, let me just state again, we did not like the Burger King burger.  I can only take solace in the fact that I will never have to taste it again! 

Here's my hatred in numbers:

meatiness: 1
succulentiousness: 1
bun: 1
flavor: 1
stay-together-ness: 3
joint: 1

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