LA Buns

There's not a lot to say about LA Buns in the heart of West Hollywood, a burger and burrito shack that's conveniently placed next to a car wash. It's the sort of burger place that might be fine for 1am, but isn't up to much at 1pm. The burger is flat, uninteresting, with all the usual fillings, but relatively fast. The spot is kind of cool. I'd say it's most like a Jumbo Jack, with more interesting environs. But don't go there expecting an exceptional burger.
It's certainly on a burger street - Santa Monica Boulevard has Rounds, LA Buns, O! Burger, Irv's Burgers and Hamburger Marys all in the same mile. Not to mention Barneys Beanery, which has a boastful burger that we're yet to try.

Sorry about the lack of actual burger pictures...I couldn't find one online and the boy forgot to take one with his phone.  But I think you get the picture and based on his review, I don't think I'll be testing out this joint any time soon!   
Here's his score:

Meatiness 2
Succulentiousness 1
Bun 2
Flavor 2
Stay Togetherness 3
Joint 4

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