Stout Burgers in Hollywood.  We went here for lunch on the last day of 2011 and it was a good meal - the last burger of 2011.  But as I sit here and think of how to describe the flavor and experience of Stout Burgers, two things cloud my memory of the place.  Firstly, the boy and I found it humorously heartwarming that the staff of Stout was extra concerned about where their customers parked.  They were constantly hanging out the window of the restaurant telling hipsters that parking was restricted on Cahuenga that day and they better move or they will get a ticket.  I have to say, I was impressed at their dedication to helping out prospective customers.  Parking is tricky in Los Angeles, particularly in Hollywood.  The rules are constantly changing as to where you can park when and for how long.  So I was really quite taken with Stout's determination to beat the system and let possible patrons know the risks of parking on the street.
Secondly, at Stout there was a lot of horse radish.  It kind of stole the whole show.  Now I'm not real sure what horse radish even is, but I know that I don't like it.  Don't see the purpose, don't like the taste.  It was overpowering.  But all the other factors of this burger were good...good meat, decent bun...not exceptional, and overshadowed by horse radish, but good none the less. 

The joint had a cool vibe about it.  All dark wood, with a neat circular bar and a very laid-back atmosphere.  I felt comfortable.  It was trendy without being pretentious, if you know what I mean.  I's be all too happy to go back.  They have some good beers on tap as well and are just a heart skip and a jump from Amoeba Records. 

And naturally the score:

Meatiness: 5
Succulentiousness: 3
Bun: 2
Flavor: 1
Stay togetherness: 3
Joint: 5

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