Father's Office

This place is one of my favorite haunts if I'm aching for a good after-work pint.  That actually doesn't happen that often, but when it does, I always suggest going to the Father's Office.

While it can be really loud and the sleek wood walls and floor actually seem to reverberate the noise more, this is still a great place to meet up with friends...Provided you find a place outside.  It's very popular, so a few times we've actually had to wait in a line out front just to get in.

They have an enormous selection of beers on tap, so many in fact, that I think every time I've gone I've just tried something different and they all have been delicious.  But the place boasts more than beers - they have a burger too!

The Office Burger is huge, and I would consider it to fall into the gourmet burger category.  They do not allow any substitutions or changes to it, which I know deters some from trying it.  But trust me, it's for good reason.  The flavor of the burger - the combination of the meat, caramelized onion, applewood bacon, gruyere, maytag blue, and arugulais - is next to perfect.  It's positively scrumptious and remains one of our highest scoring burgers thus far...In fact, the boy is optimistic that it could win the whole contest and it remains his favorite.  Normally we don't allow cheese on our burgers, as it can overpower them, but in this case we had no choice, and honestly the cheese was subtle.  No one item over shadowed another, but rather, all worked together to create a single symphony of succulence.  See, this burger is soliciting alliteration out of me, it's THAT good!

We went on this particular burger quest with our friends Tracy and Stef and they too were incredibly smitten with the taste of the Father's Office burger.  So we feel pretty confident that our impressions were right.  Stef also was quite taken with the design of the gents bathroom, but we won't go into that!

The bottom line, this is one of the best burgers we've tasted so far (and we have tasted a LOT.)  I'd highly recommend you give it a try if you have the time.  And if you aren't hungry enough for a burger, their sweet potato fries are also pretty damn good too!     

The Score: 

meatiness: 4
succulentiousness: 5
bun: 3
flavor: 5
stay-together-ness: 5
joint: 3 (mainly for the bathrooms! )

PS: I took photos at this place, but it was way too dark and none came out, so once again I am borrowing images from burger blogland.  Both are linked to their original sources.

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