"Lovin' it?"  Not so much.  Yes people.  This is the big one.  This is the Big Mac we're talking about.  And actually this was my first Big Mac ever.  Yep.  Strictly a McNuggets girl my whole life.  
I guess I was expecting this burger to be totally gross.  Completely greasy and disgusting, but it was far from it.  It was ok, even good by some standards.  The thing is, it definitely tastes processed.  It tastes cheap, but it actually IS cheap, so can I be all that hard on Micky Dee's?  

The boy has often said that McDonald's food tastes "sugary" and I think, in a word, he's right.  Everything tastes sweeter than it should -- from the fries to the burgers.  The meat is not really so much meat, as it is a patty of something like meat.  It's unusually thin too, so even on this double-decker burger one can hardly get a taste of meatiness.   The bun is so shiny and sweetly complementary of the fake patty it's almost bizarre.  But even though it's not a great meal and it certainly isn't the best burger in LA, the Big Mac has certainly left it's mark on the entire world, and for that, I feel like I have to give it credit.  It is what it claims to be: fattening, cheap, fast food and as long as we know that, c'mon.... is that really so evil?  I think not.  However, I have no desire to ever have another Big Mac for as long as I live.  I think one in this lifetime is enough! 

Here are the scores:

Meatiness: 2
Succulentiousness: 2
Bun: 1
Flavor: 3
Stay togetherness: 3
Joint: 3 (generous because Ronald McDonald is weirdly, creepily cool and a fellow red-headed descendant from Irish immigrants.... Well I assume so at least.)

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