The Counter

This past rainy Saturday, the boy and I pad a visit to a very popular LA burger eatery called The Counter.  This burger chain just opened a location in the Century City mall which is close enough for us to walk to (though we drove on this occasion) and they are known for their large menu of customizable burgers.  That is to say, you can basically create your very own burger - you pick the meat, the bun all the toppings - In many ways this kind of burger doesn't really work in the burger quest as we try to judge each establishment on their signature burger.
But lo and behold, The Counter DOES have a signature burger along with special "signature" meals that change daily.  So the boy ordered the normal signature and I took advantage of the build your own burger menu.

I suppose they are expecting people to build their own, as that is really what makes the Counter unique and I would recommend you do so...The signature burger?  Not so good.

Not only was it piled too high with toppings, it practically fell apart in the first bite!  And that bite was not so tasty.  The meat was really quite good, though a bit too tall for a burger patty (just my opinion.)  However the taste of the meat was overshadowed by a disgusting combo of fried onions and mushrooms.  It lacked a certain sweetness, and freshness that we've tasted in so many other burgers.  Truly a disappointing and bland burger. 

But I wouldn't write The Counter off just yet, as the burger I created was lovely and delicious!  I stayed with a classic combo of lettuce, pickle, tomato an red onion, but was adventurous on the bun -- I chose a foccacia bun.  The whole combination was simply scrumptious!  Still a bit tall, but it stayed together and tasted great.  So I guess the moral of the story is, we actually know how to build a burger better than the Counter.   Who would of thought? 

And now the Scores (remember this is based on the signature burger)

meatiness: 4
succulentiousness: 2
bun: 2
flavor: 1
stay-togetherness: 1
joint: 2

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