Gus' BBQ

Gus's BBQ is a fairly famous spot in South Pasadena for good old fashioned southern BBQ - with a smorgasboard offering of Memphis, Carolina, Texas and Missouri flavors. It's got a new old fashioned feel - it's been around since 1946, but looks like it's been updated, even the exterior must have been tidied up recently. It's not remotely the same authentic retro feel as the nearby Pie N Burger, but it is on a really cool retro strip of Fair Oaks that includes an old-fashioned Soda Fountain Pharmacy that's straight out of Bedford Falls in It's A Wonderful Life.

So anyway - they have a burger and they call it Gus's Famous Burger. Some of the most enthusiastic tips we've received about burgers have been for barbeque joints in South LA, so we figured this much-lauded BBQ joint should deliver an interesting burger.

Interesting indeed. The Boy and I differed quite dramatically in our responses, but I felt like I was tasting burger perfection on the first bite. Admittedly, there were some cheats - it came with both cheese (forgot to ask them to hold it) and bacon (cheat everytime). But it had an incredible bun - thick and soft, like Texas Toast and a very strong, Umami taste from the meat and salad that wasn't overpowered by the bacon and cheese. According to the menu, it includes Gus's special BBQ sauce and Garlic Aioli, but we think the BBQ sauce came on the side because we didn't taste it.

The Boy wasn't as impressed with me, but we agreed that the burger itself was weirdly (but not unpleasantly) perfect in its form and texture. It really held together well, almost like a vegetarian patty. The presentation was perfect, considering we got it to go.

Meatiness - 5
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun - 4
Flavor - 4
Stay Togetherness - 3
Joint - 3

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