Hamburger Habit

Anyone who's driven up Sepulveda in West LA, or anyone who's traveled down National Boulevard around the 405, or anyone who's been stuck on the Northbound 405 at National, will recognize Hamburger Habit as the burger joint that KABC AM 790, in their wisdom, declared 'Best Hamburger in Southern California'. We all know it because the owners of the joint, in their wisdom, bought a couple of huge signs quoting KABC's hyperbolic declaration.
Fact is though, pretty much every burger joint in LA has such a claim - that's why the boy and I have taken to the streets to test these claims, and find out which one is true, and who the 125 liars are.

This is one of the liars. But at least it's a claim that comes in quotes, almost as though the owners themselves are unable to believe it.

In some ways, it's the kind of burger I was used to before the Boy laid down the rules of this quest and made me eat dressings, lettuce, tomatoes and such. I like my burgers plain. This burger is plain. A burger, a bun and some relishy dressing. Thin and simple. With a separate kosher pickle on the side.
However, it costs $4.80 and for the price, it's definitely lacking. It's a very routine burger; by no means exceptional. It reminded us both of the Jumbo Jack (not Jumbo by any means), however it's about 3 times the price. It was kind of soggy, mushy in places, and just plain as all heck. The Boy was not impressed.
The Joint is kind of interesting. It's in a strip mall, which nobody likes, yet has a 1950s style (did they have strip malls in the 1950s?). And it's a strip mall kind of 1950s style. It's uncluttered, unreal, pretentious. There's a neon sign inside that misspells Skinny as 'Skiny', but it's probably not intentional. We were amused, but we won't be back. And we don't listen to KABC and nor should you.

Meatiness - 2
Succulentiousness - 2
Bun - 3
Flavor - 2
Stay Togetherness - 5
Joint - 3

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