The Bowery is a dark little bar in Hollywood. Some would call it a dive. They would be idiots. It's a very clean little restaurant serving terrible Belgian beers and a thoroughly decent burger.

It's served on an English muffin, which is definitely my favorite attribute of this burger and it's quite large. It proudly proclaims, on the Bowery website and its menu, to be 'still' LA's best burger. You can imagine them saying 'still' the way Dr. Dre says it on Still D.R.E.

I've got a shock for you. Bowery is not the best burger in LA. It's very good. But it's predictable.  It's fine, but it's not amazing.  I actually think it would be tastier if it was smaller.  There was just a tad too much meat on that baby and, with the english muffin bun, I think it would go over better if it was more of a smaller bite of a burger.  But I did think it had a good flavor.  Simple, but good. 

Now, it's somewhat of a build your own joint, which made the process of ordering their "signature burger" (as stated in our Burger Quest rules) a little difficult.  Choose your cheese, choose your additions. It's like Fuddruckers, but more complicated. At over $10, I want the chef to make me the burger. I don't pay money to make decisions. I get paid to make decisions.  We ended up choosing no cheese and "the works" as our toppings. 

While this burger is not going to win the whole shebang, it's still a good burger.  Just not the most memorable or life-changing.  I'd say the joint, and the location (hollywood) helps this place along, and may make it worth a visit regardless of the burger.  But enough talk, let's leave it to the numbers!

Meatiness: 4
Succulentiousness: 3
Bun: 5
Flavor: 4
Stay-together-ness: 2
Joint: 3

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