The Mexikosher Burger is the first fried-egg-burger I've ever had. And apparently there are a lot of them out there.  I must admit that I'm pretty impressed by any burger that succeeds in incorporating a breakfast food other than bacon.  And this one did it quite well!
A little back story: Mexikosher wasn't originally on our Burger Quest list, but when my friend Melanie heard about the quest, she insisted I try her favorite Kosher burger.  This happens a lot.  Any time the boy and I start telling people about our quest we end up getting another 5 or 6 suggestions for "the best burgers in Los Angeles."  And to be honest, we kind of cringe!  Because of this, our list of burgers is ever expanding and this quest seems like it may never end!  We will be trying burgers into our early 40's at this rate!  If, of course, we haven't totally clogged our arteries before then.  But I digress...
I ended up meeting Melanie and her husband one evening to try her suggested burger for 2 reasons: Firstly, I just wanted to hang out with her and secondly I thought I should investigate the Kosher burger.  So I made the short trek down to Pico and Robertson Blvds, right in the heart of Beverlywood.
My friend Melanie and her hubby
Mexikosher is actually a kosher Mexican restaurant that makes a special "egg- burger" only on Mondays.  It is in the middle of a very Jewish neighborhood, so there is a definite sense of community in the joint (even despite it's corny decor of pinatas.)  And I liked that.  There was even a sign on the window in Hebrew that actually read "no gossiping."  I found this all to be really interesting.  
I kinda love having guests with me on the burger quest!
But on to the burger.  The meat was really too hot and I kind of burnt my tongue upon taking the first bite.  The flavor and quality of the meat was very distinctive.  It was actually a mix of different cuts of meat, all kosher, ground together, but not tightly packed or congealed, so it had a very tender quality to it, almost like a sloppy joe.  The onion marmalade dressing was extremely delicious and the bun was very good.  It clearly had been toasted with butter, and somewhat resembled Jewish Challach bread.  The best part about the bun was that it managed to maintain the huge burger and the runny-ness of the egg yoke within it.  So while I expected this to be an exceptionally messy burger, the whole thing actually stayed together remarkably well.  The most difficult part was finishing the darn thing.  It was huge!  And I didn't have the boy there to share it with me.   
But all in all, the Mexikosher burger is really quite good.  It's certainly different than every other burger we've tried, but I liked it.  I think it earns a place in the burger quest as the most diverse: a kosher burger with a fried egg on top - very unique!  Thanks Melanie for the suggestion!
My thumb is outta control here, I mean what a crazy looking thumbs up, huh?

The Scores:

Meatiness: 3
Succulentiousness: 4
Bun: 3
Flavor: 3  
Stay-togetherness: 5
Joint: 3

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