Thus continues the Melrose Burger fallacy. Comme Ca and Taste, both in the same block of Melrose Avenue, boast fancy burgers which fancy newspapers and magazines laud to the hilt.


Taste is probably worse than Comme Ca. Stale, dense bread, a dry burger, bland taste, soggy tomatoes. In fact, everything's a little soggy. Damp. As though dropped in a puddle before serving.

The 'Kobe' burger is an odd shape - looks homemade, but not in a good way. But 'Kobe' is a nonsense in itself. Kobe beef is illegal to import, so anyone claiming to serve it is probably just serving beef that's been treated better than the average illegal immigrant.
There are definitely good things on the menu at Taste, but the burger ain't one of them. They should remove it from the menu this instant!

Meatiness - 2
Succulentiousness - 2
Bun - 2
Flavor - 2
Stay Togetherness - 3
Joint - 3

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