The Shack

The Shack is now a bit of a chain, with joints in Hawai'i, Santa Monica and Colorado, but we went to the 1972 original in one of our favorite little beach cities, Playa Del Rey (shhhh! don't tell anyone! It's a beach where you can find parking on a Saturday!)
The Shack burger has probably been around as long as the joint and maybe with the same recipe. It's defined by the use of a Louisiana hot-link sausage. And it's really good.

To some extent, the sausage does overwhelm the burger. It's like a hotdog as much as a burger and there's no doubt that the enduring flavor is of the sausage, not the beef. But it's still a great taste and is highly original.  I love the use of a breakfast meat other than bacon!
Other things on the burger included some mustard, a little mayo, some pickle relish and lettuce, all nicely proportioned. It fell apart a bit but still really good. The Boy fell head over heels in love with the bun, which was soft, but with a nice firm skin (what do you call the brown 'casing' on a bun?).

The joint itself is fantastic. Highly recommended if you're down in Playa Del Rey.  It's got a wonderful hull-of-a-ship vibe with plenty of salty staff playfully barking out orders!  You pay when you order, so there's no messing around with payment when you leave. You order your burger, order a drink, sit down, eat, leave, get back to the beach. It's relaxed and the servers in there are super friendly.

Meatiness - 3
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun - 3
Flavor - 4
Stay Togetherness - 2
Joint - 5

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