Hole in the Wall Burger Joint

It might be hard to believe that there's that much different between a decent burger and an amazing burger. If you've only eaten, say, 20 different kinds of burger in your life then you might thinking, 'isn't it just, like, a burger'. And we understand. We understand you, plebeian and wrong though you may be.

But the fact is, when you bite into a great burger, you know that it's something special. It's not difficult to score these burgers - it's easy. And when we both bit into the Hole in the Wall Burger Joint burger, we knew. Frankly, we kind of knew as soon as we saw the place.
It really is a hole in the wall, hidden behind a strip mall by a major thoroughfare that gets a lot of traffic due to its being right by the I-405, the craziest, stupidest freeway in the observable universe. It's like a little haven from all that, with chairs out front.

Slight problem for us: it's a build-a-burger place. But we just built the most basic burger we could with the key ingredients - their Beef Burger, the bun they call 'Old-Fashioned', Onion Mayo (the first dressing choice), no cheese (we don't do that), Lettuce, Onion, Tomato and Relish - all of it. No extra stuff. We don't do that. We don't need it....But I must admit I want to try the pretzel bun on our next trip - It looks heavenly!

And it's one the best burgers in Los Angeles.  Maybe the best thus far.

It's very juicy, we had to work kind of hard to keep the juice from getting on our clothes, but we were pleasantly surprised that it was the mustardy relish dripping out, not the fatty juice from the bun.

It was served with the lettuce coming out the sides, which I kind of didn't like, but the boy thinks shows that they emphasize the freshness of their ingredients. And it was all very fresh-tasting. It was straightforward, balanced, succulent and harmonious. Each added ingredient was complimentary of the burger. Every bite was a delight.

Lots of tough burly, maybe Armenian, maybe middle-eastern guys in there waiting for me as I came up to pick our order up. And they're doing a great job. We salute you burly men!

Now for extra fun, here's a little video of me enjoying this burger...

The Scores:

Meatiness - 5
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun - 3
Flavor - 5
Stay Togetherness - 4
Joint - 4


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