Laurel Tavern

We popped over to Laurel Tavern after looking at some apartments in Hollywood (didn't move, not sure why). Our conversation at the Tavern was dominated by the apartment and the burger took a backseat. But frankly, it's not a burger that fought its way to the front seat.

Don't get me wrong - this is a tasty morsel of a burger. Juicy as all heck, dressed arugula, pickles, very nice bun, and a very compact burger. Not one of those that feels the need to pack in 8oz of meat to meet the challenge of a skeptical public.

The joint is lovely - lots of good beers abound, decent wines, nice bar staff, good people inside.

We walked in talking about apartments, we walked out talking about apartments, and we cared very little about what transpired in between. We may revisit towards the end of the quest, but only if this one eeks its way into the Top 20.
Another salad - Proof that we do sometimes eat greens...Sometimes...

Sorry for the mediocre review. Sometimes our lives take over this quest in a manner that is frankly unacceptable. The quest is everything. The quest is life. As the scholar Rupert De Grandisso says 'Let fall that which is already falling. Worship that which is certain, true, static.'

Apartments will not bring us happiness.

Burgers had better.

Meatiness - 3
Succulentiousness - 3
Bun - 3
Flavor - 3
Stay Togetherness - 4
Joint - 5

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