Malibu Inn

Malibu, Claremont, Palmdale, Valencia, Whittier, Compton - these are some of the outer reaches of our LA County restricted Burger Quest.

We certainly don't discriminate against the burgers for their distance from our home, but we do hope they make the drive worthwhile. The Malibu Inn does not warrant a drive.

The place is a complete metaphor for Malibu, with its reality shows, sceptic tank issues, crumbling bluffs and disreputable residents: Despite having some pretty cool vintage elements, interesting wallpaper and some of the best colored chairs I've ever seen, the place is about as soulful as a university cafeteria.  Everything is too spaced out, and no ocean view (despite being right by the ocean.)  Perhaps the atmosphere is better at dinner, but for lunch it just seemed strange and uncomfortable.

But here's the burger - beef, stunningly cold lettuce, tomato, red onion, decent bun. They say on their website that their beef is proprietary.  It did seem quite nice, but very, very salty and was served with a big hunk of nuthin'.  They did serve a pail of popcorn with the meal.  I'm still unsure if I find that quaint or just cheap, but then, I'm not much of a popcorn fan.  

Probably my favorite detail was in the women's restroom...Enter the stalls and you're greeted with collages such as this....

I can't help but find that funny!

Their burger is $13. It should be $7.  But what of the score you ask?  Let's crunch the numbers:

Meatiness - 2
Succulentiousness - 2
Bun - 3
Flavour - 3
Stay Togetherness - 3
Joint - 3

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