Bottle Room

Whittier is at the edge of Los Angeles County, which makes it pretty much the final frontier of Burger Quest.  There's a little place in charming downtown Whittier called The Bottle Room, and its burger is highly spoken of by some other burger reviewers on this here internet.

It's a decent spot. Seems a bit lacking in character, but it's a dark bar with some good beers and a vaguely interesting menu of stuff. We ordered their signature burger with no cheese.
It reminded us immediately of Fathers Office, which is one of our favorite of the burgers we've tried to date. But it isn't quite Fathers Office epic. It comes with a sweet onion relish and some mild arugula. The meat is a good slab. The combo is tasty. The bun is average. But I dunno, it just leaves something to be desired. It feels sort of like a burger that's trying to emulate, rather than a burger that's just trying to 'be'.

It's a $12 burger and probably just about hits the mark for what that level of burger should be, but it doesn't do anything special. We'd be deeply grateful for it at $8, but at $12...hmmm...we're hoping for more these days.

If you're ever stuck in Whittier - go to the Bottle Room. Go for the beer. Get a burger - it won't disappoint. But it won't make you want to start your own Burger Quest either.

The Scores:

Meatiness -5
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun - 1
Flavor -3
Stay Togetherness - 3
Joint - 3

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