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The more burgers we eat, the more they seem to fall into categories. Maybe that's a trick of the brain. Every burger is unique, but you want to categorize it somehow. It's a thriller burger, it's an action burger, it's a bro-mance burger, it's a Norwegian drama burger.

It may sound like a lame categorization, but we think there's a 'Solid Burger' category. Solid is a word that people seem to use a lot. Young people. New Yorkers. 'Do me a solid', they say. 'What's that guy like?' 'Oh, he's solid', they say. Solid seems to mean dignified, self-aware and dependable.  There are burgers like this, believe me.

Good Stuff is a So-Cal restaurant chain. Four locations: Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo...and a strip mall in a shitty, unpopulated stretch of West LA.

Don't get it. Why there? Terrible location. It's lost among the Coffee Beans and the 7-11s. The Hermosa Beach location is right on The Strand - right there on the beach!
Anyhow - gripes about our nearest location aside (we are delighted to not have to drive to Hermosa Beach for this one) the burger is just solid.  Not life changing or remarkable, just solid. 

I didn't care for the bun - it's what The Boy calls an 'Organic' type bun.  Not because it's organic, but because it's the sort of bun that organic people feel comfortable with (NB: we're not against organic stuff per se, but there's a type of person that obsesses over it, as if no cows die when you eat organic beef).

The burger isn't too drippy, a bit too dry. Just sort of average. Solid. Stayed together. Solid. Not too meaty. Solid. Fresh. Solid.

Solid. A solid burger.  Don't drive too far to buy it!

The Score:

Meatiness -3
Succulentiousness - 2
Bun - 1
Flavour - 3

Stay Togetherness - 4
Joint - 3

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