Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets restaurants are surprisingly global. If you live in Bahrain, Chile, Kuwait, Panama, Qatar, South Korea or the United Arab Emirates - you can go to a Johnny Rockets without leaving your country.  The list of countries Johnny Rockets have traveled to make them look very much like a CIA front-organization...I'm not saying they are, but it is a strange collection of locations for a burger joint. 

Also, their 'tagline' is 'The Original Hamburger'. They were founded in 1986.  I think hamburgers were around before them.  There's something fishy about the whole thing. We went to the 'original' location on Melrose Ave.  (or is it? maybe Johnny Rockets arrived with the 2001: Space Odyssey obelisk!)

The burger was ordinary - bun, burger, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles, mustard, mayo. Too much mayo, pointless shredded iceberg lettuce, floppy meat patty, they cut it in half without us asking us (did they read our minds?), but we wish they didn't do that. It ruins the integrity of the burger.

Plus the place is supposed to be all 1950's, Pleasantville-esque and even that was lacking.  We sat and listened to The Shirelles, we listened to the The Ronettes, we listened to Hermans Hermits, but we also listened to Hall and Oates and a bunch of 80s crap. It was like listening to George Tenet's iPod shuffle.  It wasn't retro.  It was just sad.

I used to really love Johnny Rockets, but now, after having tasted over 50 burgers in the LA area, I think I can safely say that I was wrong.  The burger is ok, but nothing to get excited about.  And with  all the incongruities with their locations and historic burger facts my opinion of them has gone done considerably.  Though they still do draw happy faces with the ketchup...That is something. ;)   Now, on to the numbers....

The Scores: 

Meatiness -3
Succulentiousness - 2
Bun - 2
Flavor - 2
Stay Togetherness - 4
Joint - 3

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