A Personal Burger Quest: The McGreevey Burger

Ever since the boy and I began the Burger Quest, the people around us in our daily lives have been somewhat intrigued by our process and how we take it so seriously.  In case you weren't aware, we sometimes plan entire weekends around burger quest destinations and we are very calculated as to how we record our data and score our subjects.  That's right.  We are Burger Nerds.  

So, given that this is a proper scientific investigation, my very own parents wanted to submit their own barbecued burger to the mix!  My dad is something of a barbecue king (aren't most fathers?)  And he has always been quite proud of his burgers.  Although, it's a team effort - My mom is the one who prepares the patties and all the fixings, while my Dad's the one who fires them up on the grill.  The result?  A Classic McGreevey Burger!

It's actually quite difficult to judge this burger objectively, but in the name of burger science I will do my best.  The burger was respectfully meaty and perfectly cooked with a nice chargrilled exterior.  Added to it was romaine lettuce, red onion, pickles, tomato and ketchup on mine (the boy substituted mustard for the ketchup and added melted cheddar cheese.)  My mom even bought nice sesame seed buns for the occasion  making the overall burger really quite tasty!  It was a bit dry perhaps, and wasn't the best at staying-together, but had a delicious flavor.  It wasn't a gourmet burger of course, but it had something extra special...

The thing about the McGreevey burger that set it apart from all the other burgers we've tasted is that it was a true, suburban backyard barbecued burger!  It tasted like the summers of my childhood - The late nights of playing hide & seek with our neighbors, and playing baseball in the backyard.  It had a special, homemade quality that only the McGreevey's can create!  It may not be the best burger of the quest, but it will always hold a special place in my heart....and stomach! ;)  

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