Jakes Burgers

We weren't expecting to go to Jakes. It wasn't on our list. But during a hot Saturday day of museum-going we found ourselves in the Old Pasadena neighborhood desperate for a burger and a beer. I'd often walked by the Jakes burger shake, as it's nestled in the middle of Old Town's main shopping high street, Colorado Blvd. But I'd never actually ate there. It seemed like the natural thing to do, so we went for it.

Plus the sign outside clearly states that it's "Pasadena's Best Burger Sing 1947."  With a claim like that we couldn't let the establishment go untasted.  We settled down for a bit of the alleged best Pasadena had to offer.

The burger itself was decent...Good even.  It hit the spot for just what one would want from a burger shack on a hot day.  But it wasn't incredible.  It was a bit over-stacked with way too much lettuce which made it hard to keep together.  Flavor was good though.  It tasted...Like a burger.  A solid place to eat if your looking for a no nonsense kind of burger.  And our waiter was really friendly, it has to be said.  I like those nice Pasadenians.  ;)

The Scores:

Meatiness -3
Succulentiousness - 3
Bun - 2
Flavor -3
Stay Togetherness - 2

Joint -4

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