Lucky Devils

I think I liked the decor and the music playing in this Hollywood Boulevard joint more than I expected.  This was a really delicious burger.  The meat has a wonderful flavor and it wasn't overcomplicated with too much of anything else.   The decor of the joint may be a little mixed up as they are clearly going for a sort of trendy gourmet biker bar vibe,  but they were playing radiohead when we walked in and continued to play great tunes throughout our meal.   The meat made this burger stand out,  but the slightly spicy secret sauce was yummy too.  It was juicy without being drippy, and the burger didn't fall apart.  My red wine and rosemary fries were also good, making me suspect that there are lots of tasty things to try at Lucky Devils.  It's a place I want to go back to again, no question!  


Meatiness - 5
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun -3
Flavor - 5
Stay Togetherness - 4 

Joint - 4

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