Bob's Big Boy

This isn't the one we visited, but I adore this picture!
One of the highlights of our ongoing Burger Quest (to find the best burgers in Los Angeles) was having an excuse to go to Bob's Big Boy. The Burbank location of the burger chain is one of the most notorious for numerous reasons.  It's the oldest - having been built in 1949, the Beatles ate there during their California tour in 1965, and it was the site of our rehearsal dinner before our wedding.  Aren't we romantic?

Clearly, the joint has major personality and therefore scores maximum points in that category, but what about the burgers? 

The Big Boy is the signature burger and the name pretty much tells all!  It has two meat patty's, lettuce, and cheese, with a special sauce that is simply heavenly!  We of course ordered ours without the cheese as per the rules of the quest, but I think this was the first double decker burger we've tasted and it made quite the impression on me.  It is a BIG burger.  But tasty as hell, with a real distinct, relish-like flavor that is unlike any other burger we've tasted so far.  The bun was good too, but not fluffy enough for my liking.

Overall, the Big Boy ranks very high, in taste, in charm and in Mascot!  Here are the scores:

Meatiness: 4
Succulentiousness: 4
Bun: 2
Flavor: 4
Stay-together-ness: 3
Joint: 5

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