It's a little embarrassing to admit that I am just now blogging about our Burger Quest experience with Rounds.  We tasted their acclaimed burgers not at their West Hollywood location, but from their food truck at the Unique LA Craft Show....But no, not the most recent Unique LA; this was the one that took place last summer.  Shameful, I know.

The Rounds burger was really pretty good.  Standard flavors, strong meat, very juicy and sort of greasy, but in that really good way, you know?  The only trouble is, it was so windy on the air strip in Santa Monica where they held the event, it was difficult to keep my hair from blowing all over my face as I tried to eat.  Not the best way to enjoy such a delicious burger!  

Overall, it's a place I would love to visit again.  No question.  But it wasn't life changing.  Although, I think it may be my favorite bun to date...Really so good!  It was a good burger though and being able to enjoy it at a fun crafty venue made it extra special in my estimation!  


Meatiness - 4
Succulentiousness - 3
Bun - 5
Flavor - 4
Stay Togetherness - 3
Joint - 2 (can't properly judge, but the food truck looked roomy!)

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