Hook Burger

The boy and I ventured to Hook Burger in Burbank over the weekend for the first Burger Quest of 2013.  It felt good to be out on the quest again.  It felt right....And tasty! 

Hook Burger is the upscale bistro version of the Habit.  And the joint has about that much character.  But trust me, you're not there for the joint.  Owned by the same people, Hook Burger boasts "bistro quality at quick-casual prices."  It has a delicious, simple, fast-food style menu, but if you stay in and eat you can enjoy table service and a selection of beers and wines.

We were hungry, so the boy and I each got our own Prime Burger and we shared an order of onion rings.  The rings were scrumptious, though rather hot, with excellent presentation.  As for the main event, this burger held up to it's promise.

It's not a world-beater burger, but it was perfectly cooked (ever so blushing pink inside) slightly sweet in taste thanks to the caramelized onions, and terrifically tasty.

The boy felt the lettuce was a bit too cold, though honestly I didn't notice this.  We both did feel like the soft brioche bun was a bit heavy, though they are the burger trend of the moment.  But all in all, this burger was exceptionally good for the price - Just under 5 dollars!  It was enjoyable, filling and fast; all qualities we like to see in a burger.

Hook Burgers now has 3 locations: Burbank, Pasadena and Oxnard. We definitely recommend them as a burger to taste and fingers crossed they open more of these delicious shops across LA. 

The Scores:

Meatiness - 4
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun - 3
Flavor - 4
Stay Togetherness - 5
Joint - 3

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