By Heather Toner

So many of you have probably eaten your fair share of Sonic Burgers.  This national franchise calls itself "America's Drive In" and many still have the old drive-in set up where food is brought to your car on a tray.  But there actually aren't many Sonic's in Southern California.  The closest one to us is way out in Palmdale - Which is actually just barely inside the LA county line.  It's far and required more than a Sonic burger to get us to make the trek out there.

Luckily, Palmdale also has a large antique mall that I had been anxious to visit.  So we made a day of it and drove out to shop and eat. 

All in all, we feel pretty confident that we never need to return to Palmdale.  The Sonic Burger was completely unremarkable.  The boy stated that it was the blandest burger we've tasted to date, and I have to agree.  I suppose it wasn't bad - Definitely not as disgusting as Burger King - But it has all the flavor of a cardboard box.  The only thing this burger had going for it was the stay togetherness, which I am sure was in large part due to the mayo that essentially worked as the glue, holding this burger together.  Easily forgettable and certainly not worth the trip.

The best part about Sonic (besides the fact that boys on roller-skates were delivering the food) was the tater tots.  Not many fast food joints offer tots in replace of fries.  So for that (and that only) I salute you Sonic.  Still, you are better as a hedgehog in my opinion. 

The Scores:

Meatiness - 2
Succulentiousness - 1
Bun -1
Flavor - 2
Stay Togetherness - 5
Joint - 2

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