The Bucket

There's nothing nicer than dragging a burger location from the 'Burger To-Do' folder on Google Earth into the 'Burger Quested' folder. And after that we turn out little wrench icon into a flame.

If you don't believe me, here's the complete Burger Map:

A few things to note: look at the size of LA County!  It's vast!  From Sonic in the North to Utro's Cafe in the South it's 62 miles as the crow flies. We're dealing with a vast and densely populated county here. There's no tougher place in America to do a burger quest. Period.

Do I seem like I'm trying to waffle to avoid talking about The Bucket burger? Well, maybe a little.  It's a meaty morsel of a burger.  The place was filled with bikers and men who looked like bikers, and the burger showed why. Their signature burger is simple, no frills, with a glob of mustard that was very unevenly distributed. The joint didn't look like a 1935 establishment, but it could probably have passed for a 1975 joint, and one that maybe Clint Eastwood would have street boxed outside with his orang-utan.

The burger didn't impress us a great deal, but showed a heck of a lot of promise. The meat was superb - juicy, chargrilled and well cooked. But there was nothing much to compliment it in the bun.  Sure, there's other burgers on their menu that may have done the trick - there's one called the Mild Cardiac and another called The Cardiac (sounds a bit scary to be honest.)  But the signature burger kept things pretty basic and low-key.

But overall, the burger was pretty good.  We may return here, but for the time being we're just delighted to drag and drop it.

The Scores:

Meatiness - 4
Succulentiousness - 2
Flavor - 3
Bun - 3
Stay Togetherness - 2
Joint - 4

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