Bill's Burgers

Bill's Burgers is open 8:30am - 4pm weekdays only and it's in Van Nuys, which is a fair trek from our Beverly Hills hood, so we were a little concerned about how we'd manage to fit Bill's into our quest.

However, the Boy was delighted to find himself in North Hollywood last week for a meeting, and stopped by Bill's with his work buddy for a morsel. He is convinced that by simply bullet pointing a few facts about this place he can demonstrate its greatness without too much description.

- It's been around for 45 years
- They don't do fries
- It's under a billboard for McDonalds
- Bill, 85, is still flipping the burgers

There's a sign inside that says 'This isn't Burger King. You Get It My Way or You Get It No Way'. Or something like that. The Boy doesn't take photos the way I tell him to.

The burger, at a joint like this, seems less important, but it is a pretty solid burger at that, with simply lettuce, tomato and mayo.  But it's enlivened somehow by the depth of the valley history around it and the way Bill flips the burgers on the griddle and presses his fingers into the bun he's going to deliver to you.
That's the man himself!
It's going to compete, big time, for the best joint in Los Angeles when we get round to tallying this quest into a table of results.

Long live Bill. Long live Bill's Burgers.

*Side note: I think this is a burger joint my grandmother used to take my dad and his sisters - She used to sometimes get the first burger of the day!  Glad to know Burger Questing runs in the family! 

Meatiness - 3
Succulentiousness - 3
Bun - 4
Flavor - 3
Stay Togetherness - 4
Joint - 5

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