The Morrisson

Let's start the week off with a Burger Quest, shall we?  OK!  

The Morrison is a pub in Atwater Village on Los Feliz Blvd - it’s in a part of Atwater Village that a lot of people still refer to as Los Feliz, but according to all the maps, that’s wrong. It’s Atwater village.  Aren’t you glad you know that now?  Maybe you already did.  In which case, revel in your coolness for a moment.  You deserve it.  

The Morrison has an all black interior, with a few seats outside on a slender patio (where we sat), looking out on all the glamorous vehicles passing to and fro on their way to the Golden State Freeway and elsewhere.

The Morrison burger is an odd one. You read it off the menu and it says it’s a ‘filet burger’ with celeriac remoulade, port salut and marrow butter. Port salut, we were distantly aware, is a cheese, so we asked for that to be removed.
The Morrison Gastropub Burger

Remoulade, it turns out, is a popular condiment. And figuring that, we thought that the celeriac would be blitzed and turned into a sauce of some description. That marrow butter we figured we would notice, the burger we figured would be made of a filet mignon cut.

The burger came out between an english muffin, with a huge burger ontop of about 6 solid celeriac chips, with another slice of meat below. We still don’t know quite what the double meat deal was, but it was pretty original - Both to look at and to bite into. The marrow butter? I guess that’s just for flavoring. But the notion of serving a burger with solid slices of a root vegetable - not a root vegetable sauce, but actual solid slices of the veg - is pretty impressive in our eyes.

The taste is all that matters though, and opinion has rarely been more divided between myself and the boy. He thought it one of the most delicious, well composed, distinctive burgers to date, while I found the meat overbearing and didn’t like the combination of flavors. Luckily, I ordered their special burger of the day, which came with a fig jam on a brioche bun (I’m favoring burger sweetness recently, it seems...)  And I adored this one.  It was tasty, distinctive and filling.  Alas, it cannot count towards the Burger Quest as it was not their "signature burger."  But I felt it was worth mentioning.
The Morrison Gastropub Burger

The Morrison Gastropub

So we’re pretty big fans of this joint, foodwise (the service could’ve been a little more attentive given we were one of 5 tables there). We’ll go back and this burger will definitely rate in our final tally.

The Scores:

Meatiness: 4
Succulentiousness: 2
Bun: 5
Flavor: 2
Stay-togetherness: 4
Joint: 4

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