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A reminder of why we do this quest we do...On yelp there is a reviewer who says that ‘to her mind’, 'Plan Check is the best place ‘in the entire city’ to eat a burger.  It’s a complicated statement - she’s not lauding the burger so much as the venue itself.  A strong review for the Joint in Burger Quest parlance; but we presume what she’s trying to say is that in her opinion this burger is LA’s best.  It’s one of the most frequent banalities uttered in this fair city. True wisdom comes from exploration and empirical understanding. This is how it is because...etc.  One needs to put in the research.  Which, as you can see, we do.

The Burger Quest will quash all ‘best burger’ theories by pure, unremitting thoroughness.

Plan Check is a nice little urban munchbox in Little Osaka. Did you know there was a Little Osaka in Los Angeles? Well, now you do.  It's on Sawtelle and it's lovely. We hope the Osakans feel at home at Plan Check.

Seems unlikely though. There’s not much Japanese about the place, or the burger, or the beer which was delivered in a pint-size can.  They do claim to have a selection of Japanese Whiskey, but we didn't venture to try any.

The Plan Check Burger (their signature) is a slab of delicious, juicy meat with a slice of ketchup leather (looks like tomato jerky), schmaltz onions (whatever they are - they are delicious), pickles and a soft but crunchy bun.  It’s a little piece of juicy heaven.  Very, very tender, but stayed together wonderfully. Not too heavy or cumbersome. The joint was fun to sit at, with a nice blend of hipster and homely vibes.

I'm including a picture of the salad we had with the meal just to prove that we do also eat salads (sometimes.) 

We’ll be back to try this blighter again, no doubt.  It's among one of the highest scoring burgers of the quest!  Have a look...

The Scores: 

Meatiness - 5
Succulentiousness - 5
Bun - 5
Flavor - 4
Stay togetherness - 3
Joint - 4

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