Lazy Ox Canteen

Lazy Ox Canteen’s burger was named the best burger in Los Angeles by LA Weekly. CBS Los Angeles put it in their 8 Best Burgers in LA (not ranked). This is a talked about burger in talked about Downtown LA restaurant.  So we had to check it out. 

But things have changed since those lists were published. Chef Josef Centeno appears to have left, moving on to Baco Mercat, just down the way. Now, one of the reasons we rate the joint in this burger quest is that so much of one’s opinion about a burger is colored by one’s experience of the place where one eats it. We tried this burger as part of an overpriced and mediocre meal and thus - it can basically didn't impress.

Lazy Ox Canteen Burger

The place is a tapas restaurant, something we’re already totally tired of, and it’s a bland, plasticky joint that played good music a little too loud. It was filled with yuppies and yipsters and the boy’s chair was vibrating throughout his meal. He wasn’t sure if it was the A/C or the music doing it. But it was vibrating.

This tapas thing is nuts - our burger was a meal in itself. Why do we get tricked into ordering 4 different things at these places? We aren’t Pro-Footballers! We have slender appetites, yo! 

Lazy Ox Canteen

The meat was the strong point of this burger and provides another example of fancy chefs thinking they can focus burger excellence around profoundly exceptional meat. YOU CAN’T. It came with lettuce, onion and white cheddar that we didn’t get a chance to ask them to remove.

Mediocre burger. Mediocre restaurant. We’ll go to Baco Mercat sometime and see what Josef Centeno is up to now.  But all in all, a low ranking selection in the Burger Quest.  

The Scores: 

Meatiness - 3
Succulentiousness - 3
Bun - 1
Flavor - 2
Stay togetherness - 3
Joint - 2

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