Tommy's Original Burgers

This past weekend, we went on a major quest for burgers.  We ended up eating 3 burgers in one day, pretty sure that's a record even for us.  So the first of the trilogy was Tommy's Original Burgers.  Here's some background, this little burger shack was opened in 1946 on Beverly Blvd and Rampart and it's still there, still serving out the same unique burgers it has been making for over 60 years.  The company has expanded, opening locations all across southern California and Nevada, but the original remains, thus becoming the company logo.  

What makes the burger unique is the fact that it is actually a chili burger.  I am not a fan of chili, but of course, for scientific purposes had to give it a chance.  The burger was a mess, pretty understandable since it was covered in chili, but there are napkin dispensers all around, so as you stand and eat your burger at one of the counters encircling the parking lot you can continue to clean the inevitable mess.  Very well planned.

The flavor was pretty good, with a nice strong pickle and juicy tomato, but the meat, buried beneath the chili, was really small and a tad bit dry.  The bun was difficult to judge, because again, it was covered with chili, but it seemed decent enough.  
The best part about this place is the joint.  It's like a drive in, everything is outside, including the soda fountains and the tiny parking lot is always packed.  The guys making burgers in the shack are so fast, I had barely ordered and they were handing me my burger.  After 60 years, they definitely know how to make fast food!  And I loved feeling like we had stepped back in time, to a completely original burger shack!

The final consensus: I loved the place but wasn't wild about the burger.  I don't really feel the need to have it again, and it basically comes down to the fact that Chili Burgers just aren't for me.  But if you're in the LA area I still suggest you check out the shack, it's definitely worth the trip.  Here's the score:

Meatiness: 2
Succulentiousness: 2
Bun: 3
Flavor: 2
Stay togetherness: 1
Joint: 5

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