Lucky Duck

Lucky Duck in Silverlake Burger Quest
Lucky Duck opened fairly recently on a corner of Silver Lake that was crying out for a good restaurant. When we moved to Silver Lake in May it was high on our list of things-to-do-within-walking-distance but, as is so often the case, we didn't know it would join the Burger Quest until we stepped inside, took a gander at the menu and saw the word BURGER written on it. Oh well.

Lucky's Duck's Grassfed Burger comes with smoked gouda (which we requested to be removed), harissa aioli, tomato, lettuce and grilled onion. And it's a pretty outstanding burger, mostly for the flavor that it packs into each bite. Eating it was one of those thrilling experience where you could quite tell where the taste was coming from - the aioli? the onion? the meat itself? the charred bun? There's a definite smoke to the burger that makes it stand out.

There are plenty of other reasons to visit Lucky Duck, it has delicious cocktails and choice oysters, but the burger seems almost absurdly good for this type of joint - normally a burger at a place that also serves sea bass, scallops and lamb ribs as entrees, would be an afterthought. Here it's a standout dish.

The burger isn't currently on the menu, but Lucky Duck keep things seasonal, so we predict (and hope) for a return in the fall. It's one of the best we've had in quite awhile.

Meatiness - 4
Succulentiousness - 4
Bun - 4
Flavor - 5
Stay Togetherness - 4
Joint - 3 Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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