In a rather fancy neck of the West Hollywood woods sits the decidedly unfancy original Norms Restaurant, as exceptional an example of Googie architecture as you are likely to find citywide. Ed Ruscha painted it once and it looked like this.

We had very low hopes for Norms' burger. It's an old-fashioned diner. It just didn't seem likely that they would be able to pull off anything more than an incredibly mediocre burger. But we love to have our expectations flipped.

Norm's burger is shockingly good. It's the sort of straightforward, fresh-tasting burger that fancy restaurants try to concoct and inevitably fail by reaching for mushrooms or truffles or excessive sauce. The bun is close to perfect - a nice, glazed brioche. The burger and bun together seem to melt away in your mouth and fill it with delicious juiciness, like some expertly crafted french cuisine.

We fear that we spent our entire eating experience with a fixed look of incredulity on our faces, so previously certain were we that Norms was incapable of such a feat of burger engineering.

Bravo Norm's! What a corker!

Meatiness - 5
Succulentiousness - 5
Bun - 4
Flavor - 3
Stay togetherness - 4
Joint - 5

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